Copy:   Let us introduce you to your inner celebrity. Let us create the social event of the season, every week. Let us provide an occasion to flaunt your glamorous side. Let us invite you to sparkle along with the champagne and the stars. 
 Copy:   Let us challenge your skills against a course designed by a Shark.     Let us serve up cocktails with creativity at the 19th hole.     Let us offer dining al fresco with a culinary master of Tuscan cuisine.     Let us honor your love of the game with an unparalleled experience. 
 Copy:   Let us indulge your toes with our signature Hops ‘n Honey Ultimate Pedicure. Let us ease away tension with the soothing warmth of a Colorado River Stone Massage.     Let us replenish your skin with our special High Altitude Oxygen Facial. Let us allow you to contemplate nothing more serious than the aroma of your therapy. 
 Copy:   Let us become your epicenter steps away from everything. Let us rejuvenate your body and spirit with a private yoga class. Let us tantalize you with fresh Nova Scotia lobster and raw oysters. Let us offer a stay you’ll always remember with friends you’ll never forget. 
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