A little about me


Like many great advertising copywriters, I started in architecture at Lawrence Tech University in Detroit. But my imagination led me to build Dr. Seuss-ish structures that gravity did not befriend. So I took a class in Marketing with this great Irish professor who had a sharp wit and a keen mind. We had to create an ad campaign. My focus? Madonna. Had the class rockin' to 'Like a Virgin', got an "A" and just like that, I changed direction. 

THE LATEST: Concepted, wrote, and created the Super Bowl spot “Elevator” starring Jason Bateman for Hyundai Shopper Assurance. Rated the #1 Automotive spot by USA Today’s Admeter, #4 Overall.


Coming up with the ideas still gets me excited. Whether it's a headline, a scene, a bit of dialogue, or a perfect radio spot.

I can do a crossword puzzle in about ten minutes. 

I play guitar well enough for my little family to sing a long and join in with bongos.

I read. Contemporary fiction is my genre of choice but I've been known to flirt with biographies, chick lit, fantastic realism, and thrillers, I have a special love for first time novelists.

I sail with my husband on our boat. He's the captain. And while all first mates should obey the captain, I'm what you would call a surly voice of dissent on occasion. 

I cook. Mainly French dishes, but I also make a great paella. And pretty good mushroom sauce that never saw a steak it couldn't enhance.

I make a perfect Old Fashioned (Woodford Reserve, bitters, expensive cherries and no muddling) but only on Fridays. 

I'm writing a novel about four mutinous women who decide to enter and sail the Newport-to-Ensenada Race.



I love working with a strong team. I've been told I'm a natural leader.

I approach every new project like a puzzle.

I'm a gifted presenter. I do very well with clients.

I'm a naturally curious person.

I've won some awards. Not the Booker Prize, but, hey, it ain't over 'til it's over.

The One Show (VW Website concept and content)

Mercury Radio Finalist (Twice)

London AD&D






I've made stuff and then it won stuff. A short list of my shortlisters.

2019 Super Bowl USA Today’s AdMeter: #1 Automotive Ad, #4 Overall. 55 Million views and counting…

Radio Mercury Awards Finalist -  CareerBuilder.com, Wells Fargo

Silver Addy - Our Greatest Feature, Hyundai

ThinkLA IDEA Awards - Volkswagen Website

The One Show - Volkswagen website

London International, D&AD finalist, and, oh a random smattering of other ones.

I won a Belding once as a student. I still like that campaign.

There are other awards that I won but I can't remember until I Google myself.