A little about me




For a long time, I had a hard time calling myself a writer without feeling a little like a fraud. After all, the writers I loved and admired were literary giants, wrote the best dramas on television, or penned thoughtful and revealing articles in Rolling Stone and the Atlantic. But when it came to advertising, after being tasked with coming up with fun, insightful ideas, clever headlines, and conversational tones, I discovered I had a knack. Over the last couple decades I've developed my own style and voice, I understand motivation, and conflict, and how to use humor to connect. And I love doing it. So, while I might be light years away from the likes of Steinbeck, David E. Kelly, or PJ O'Rourke and Molly Ivens, I can say that I am, in fact a writer without a fraud alert going off in my head. And I’ll bet I can find a way to write to just about anything and make it likable, approachable, and fun to read. Try me. 


Ideas are still the best part about being a writer. A lot of thinking goes in before the first "Open on" is typed..

I can do a crossword puzzle in less than ten minutes. Lateral thinking is a skill.

I read, especially first time novelists, I sail, I cook French dishes, I make Old Fashioneds on Fridays, and I'm writing a novel about mutinous women who commandeer a sailboat.



I love working with a strong team.

I approach every new project like a puzzle.

I'm a gifted presenter. I do very well with clients.

I'm a naturally curious person.

I've won some awards. Not the Booker Prize, but it ain't over 'til it's over.

The One Show (VW Website concept and content)

Mercury Radio Finalist (Twice)

London AD&D





I've made stuff and then it won stuff. A short list of my shortlisters.

Radio Mercury Awards Finalist -  CareerBuilder.com, Wells Fargo

ThinkLA IDEA Awards - Volkswagen Website

The One Show - Volkswagen website

London International, D&AD finalist, and, oh a random smattering of other ones.

I won a Belding once as a student. I still like that campaign.

There are other awards that I won but I can't remember until I Google myself.